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As Austin’s #1 roof cleaning company, we use a non damage, no preassure Roof Re-New Pro Soft Washing System

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What we do 

We use a specially formulated cleaning solution whose main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite with a blend of surfactants and detergents. This formula is optimized for ideal results and is mixed with your specific roof in mind. Each type of roof requires different ratios of our specialty cleaning ingredients.

Residential Roof Cleaning 

Many home owners in Austin and Central Texas will begin to see darkening and black streaks on their roof. This unsightly discoloration is the growth of the bacteria gloeocapsa magma also called roof mold. This “roof mold” is really an algae. This algae frequently appears on the north and east facing slopes where shade and or moisture are abundant. Since Algae spores are airborne, roof algae will quickly spread to the entire roof, and to other homes in the neighborhood. Moss and lichen can also cause ugly roof stains.

  • Safe, soft wash, no damaging pressure
  • Obliterates black stains and streaks
  • Increases your home’s curb appeal
  • We follow ARMA guidelines and never pressure wash your roof
  • Sell your home quicker and for more money
  • 100% Kill Ratio mold, mildew, and algae

  •  A fraction of the cost of roof replacement

  • Prolongs roof life

  • Minimizes Fire Hazards

  • On time service

Commercial Roof Cleaning 

When we say commercial roof washing, we are referring to low slope roof types (flat roofing) such as: TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Single Ply or built up roof systems.  Commercial roofing are expensive to maintain and install. Keeping your commercial building’s roof clean is imperative to insure your roof lasts and functions the way it was indented to. 

  • Extend your roof’s life

  • Keeps the roof highly reflective

  • Saves on cooling costs

  • Allows for easy maintenance and diagnostic 

  • Eliminates excess moisture and water pooling 

  • Protects your roof warranty 

  • A clean roof looks great

  • Austin Roof Re-New is commercial roof certified 

  • Deters algae and mold growth 

  •  Exposes existing roof damage for easier diagnosis

APaRTMENTS, HOA’s, Condominumes 

Austin Roof Re-New is experienced and insured to perform work on multifamily properties. We understand the importance of proper communication with residents and managers alike. Our scheduling prioritizes a the customer rather our company, to insure an easy hassle free service.

  • Powerful cleaning solution 

  •  Safety of people and property is our #1 priority 

  •  Professional and timely service 

  • Free estimates 

  • Maintenance contract discounts 

  • Protects property value 

  • Fully insured for multifamily properties 

  • We also provide roof repair

  • Lasting results

  • Property managers love our service 

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