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We exist to maintain roof systems. Our company was founded on roof restoration and maintenance as its core function. And we are good at it!

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Most roof systems are designed to last up to 35 years.  Yet we often see roof systems fail after only 15 years. Requiring the building owner to completely replace their expensive roof. The facts are in; proper roof maintenance is imperative to maintain the life and function of your roof.  The function it was designed for.


Commercial Roof mainenance 

Forgetting about maintenance is perhaps the single biggest cause of premature commercial roofing failure. Not fixing small problems promptly can add up to a much shorter roof life. During our inspection and maintenance service we will check:

  • Field of roof   

  • Penetrations 

  • Drainage system  

  • Base and curb flashings  

  • HVAC flashings 

  • expansion joints
  • Roof edges, fascia, coping and metal work
  • Interior walls and ceiling
  • Roof flashing

Residential roof maintenance 

It is important to maintain your residential roof. A residential roof normally won’t require annual inspection. We would suggest a roof tune up and inspection every 5 years to insure your roof will look good and function as intended  for many years to come. We suggest the following every 5 years: 

  • complete roof tune-up’s
  • Repaint all penetrations 
  • Check pipe penetrations and vents  
  • Insure shingles are funtioning properly  
  • Tighten roof flashing  
  • re-seal all exposed nails  

  • Hire us with confidence 

  • check for and clean algae and mold

  • clean debris such as branches or leaves (this should be done yearly)

  • Check hip,ridge and valleys 

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